Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Winter's Hollow Ends Today

Image By KODAIJIN STARFALL - Blogged/Modeled By Venom Zanzibar
I hope you all enjoyed Winter's Hollow but sadly today is the final day before it gets swept away with the magic that brought it to us this year.

So far I intent on bringing the magic of Winter's Hollow back next year too!

I want to say thank you so much to the Designers for putting out such amazing work. I hope many will return to join us next year or at any other Dark Passions Events that roll up through out the year.

This round was the first time I tried bloggers. Thanks to them for getting your work out there. The image above featured many of the creations from Winter's Hollow from Solstice, Plastic, SlackGirl and Dark Passions.

Be sure to take one last tour around Winter's Hollow before it's gone!

Thanks to everyone for making it such a success!

Yours Wickedly,
 Bcreative Wilde
- Event Manager -

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Gifts Appear At Winter's Hollow

Now is a great time to revisit Winter's Hollow. Some of our amazing designers have donated gifts to our tree. These will be available until the end of the event so stop by now until January 3, 2017

To Winter's Hollow

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Celebrate The Winter Solstice at Winter's Hollow

Just in case you missed all the fanfare, Winter's Hollow is open!

Come and enjoy the dark winter beauty and find a few amazing deals along the way. All items including amazing exclusives can be found at a 25% off discount.

Gifts are slowly gathering under the Gothmas tree now until the 24th. They will stay up for the duration of the event. So if you have visited once stop by again to to get some goodies and take another look at what our fantastic designers have to offer.

To Winter's Hollow

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Designers Selected for Winter's Hollow

The day is finally here for me to announce the designers selected for Winter's Hollow this year.

First I want to say thank you to everyone who applied there was an amazing amount of talent that applied. Unfortunately when you have double the applicants than spaces some will get cut. If you were not selected I will hold your names for possible last minute openings.

Official Notified Store List as of 11/26/2016
* List created in order of the owners username A-Z in SL

Stargazer Creations
IT! (Indulge Temptation!)
Angelic Designs
Dark Passions
1313 Mockingbird Lane
The Little Bat
Suicidal Unborn
e l i a v a h ~
Beyond Majestic
[QE] Designs
Zombie Suicide
Endless Pain Tattoos
[ bubble ]
Get Frocked
Vengeful Threads

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Blogger Applications For Winter's Hollow Are Open!

Sneak Peek of  Set-Up - Still plenty of finishing touches to do!

I've been asked by many when are the blogger apps opening or are you taking bloggers this round and the answer is yes and yes. Now you can apply!!

Hope you will join us in the wintery fun theme of Winter Fantasy with a dark twist.

Apply now until Nov. 30th

To The Blogger Application

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Winter's Hollow Is Looking For Designers!

After Trick or Treat Lane's success, I asked the participating designers what types of events they would be interested in. It was no surprise that many wanted to keep it spooky but I had a huge demand to take on winter with a dark twist soooo.... Winters Hollow was born!

If you would like to keep this winter spooky then join us! The theme is dark winter with a dash of magical witchiness, Gothic, Victorian. Dark Gothmas is also acceptable.

Important Dates:
November 24 - Application deadline
December 1 - Payment deadline
December 7 - 13 - Set up
December 16, (Noon) Slt -  Winter's Hollow Begins
January 3 (Noon) Slt - Winter's Hollow Ends

Designer Applications are OPEN: Apply Here

Only 24 will be accepted!
If you apply after the deadline you will be added to the wait-list for spots.

Stay tuned bloggers! Your applications will be opening soon